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Something different #2Nite. (at La Jolla)
"Water water everywhere, so let’s all have a drink." - Homer J. Simpson #SanDiego  (at La Jolla Cove)

so u gonna help me out or nah


so u gonna help me out or nah

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Friday flow. (at Microsoft)
Today  (at Gas Works Park)
at Bhy Kracke Park

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#TBT, summer in Knoxville, and their version of the Space Needle.
Drink sweating as much as I am. #summer  (at Red Papaya Ale & Spirits)

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#EMP Monday  (at EMP Museum)
A prettier city there is not. #seattle  (at Bhy Kracke Park)
After a bacon and biscuits/gravy breakfast, this seemed like the right choice. #oldhood (at Niketown Seattle)